Portable Shaft Lathe PSL300

PSL300 Portable Shaft Lathe is a precision machine tool engineered to re-turn small shafts and roll journals by bolting directly to the end of the workpiece and rotating around the shaft to machine.

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The PSL300 Portable shaft lathes are the perfect tool for onsite resurfacing of large shafts, stub shafts and bearing journals/seats, requiring little disassembly or costly relocation of equipment. The PSL300 Portable Turning Lathe is offered in both standard and custom sizes for unique applications.

Technical Sheet

Technical Specs

Turning Reach: 300mm (Customizble) 
Shaft Diameter: 50-300mm 
Power: 220v-1.5Kw, single phase electric motor 

Packing Dimensions

Case: 67cm*45cm*40cm
working Weight: 60kg
Shipping Weight: 75kg

Parts List

1606786348387 EZLINK Portable Machine Tools

Why choose PSL300 Portable Shaft Lathe

1. Easy to setup and operate; the feed is variably adjustable.
2. Lightweight: One operator can set it up and work easily.
3. Mounted to the end of the shaft/journals, no need disassemble the workpiece. Save time and money.
4. Customizable: it can be customized change to meet your unique needs.