Portable Line Boring Machine ELB40

Portable Line Boring Machine tools for easy concentric bore repair of holes on Backhoes, Dozers, Endloaders, Scrapper Hitches, Tractors, Excavators from Ø45mm to Ø180mm



Portable Line Boring Machine tool ELB40 is a compacked designed line borer kits for in field oprations. It is a preferred tool for repairing/rebore holes in heavy construction equipment such as cranes, excavators, bulldozers, tractors, backhoes, etc.

Technical Sheet

Technical Specs

  • Boring Bar (diameter*length): 40**1500mm
  • Boring Diameter Range: 45-180mm
  • Max Boring Rotation RPM: 83 RPM
  • Facing Diameter: 50-260mm
  • Maximum Processing Travel: 380mm

Control Panel

Emergency Switch
Push-button start/stop control
Feeding Direction
Bar Rotation Direction

Rotation Motor

Power:DC Electric Motor, Single Phase 220v/110v-1.5kw

Packing Dimensions

Case1: 160cm*15cm*15cm
Weight: 21kg
Case2: 55cm*49cm*50cm
Weight: 78kg

Parts List

ELB40-1-11.5KW DC Electric Motor with Machine Mainbody1 Set
ELB40-1-2Bearing Mount2 Set
ELB40-1-340*1500mm boring bar1 Set
ELB40-1-4Centering Cones2 Sets(4 pcs)
ELB40-1-5Tool Heads3 Sets
ELB40-1-6Bolts for Welding1 Pack
ELB40-1-7Cutting Tools1 PC
ELB40-1-8Wrench Tools1 Set
ELB40-1-9Remote Control Panel1 Set

Why choose ELB40 Portable Line Boring Machine

  1. Boring bar adopts high-strength alloy and structural steel. Featured with high hardness, high accuracy, high tenacity, good abrasion resistance, etc.
  2. Electric motor controller is equipped with dynamic delay brake program to avoid vibration in shutdown.
  3. The control cabinet is installed below the main engine for safety operation.
  4. Low-speed of revolution and high torque, the complete machine can realize stationary machining in superior performance.
  5. For safe coperationg, remote control pannel is a part of the standard kits.