Portable Flange Facers

EZLINK PORTABLE MACHINE TOOLS offer flange facers for facing and end-prepping all types of flange surfaces. All the flange facing machine designed to be capable of re-machining flanges with workshop accuracy, extending the lifetime of the flanges.

To ensure the best quality and performance of the flange facing machines, all the portable flange facer we produced using the highest quality materials and components.

The flange facer tools we offered can machine all common flange surface finishes; stock, phonographic or smooth finish. Surface finish depends on the selected facing tool and feed screw.

Please feel free to contact EZ Portable Machines [email protected] to help you select and configure.

flange facers EFF1000
external mount flange facing machine pneumatic

EMF300 OD Flange Facers

Facing Diameter0-305mm (0-12 inches)
OD Mounting Diameter:50-305mm (2-12 inches)
Feed Speed:0.125mm/rev & 0.5mm/rev
Power Optional:Pneumatic/Electric

manual flange facer

MFF350 Manual Flange Facer

Facing Diameter27.2-355.6mm (1.07-14 inches)
ID Mounting Diameter:27.2-270mm(1.07-10.6 inches)
Feed Speed:0.125mm/rev & 0.5mm/rev
Power Optional:Manual

eff610 portable flange facer

EFF610 ID Flange Facer

Facing Diameter80-610mm(3.15-24 inches)
ID Mounting Diameter:59-570mm(2.32-22.44 inches)
Feed Speed:0.125mm/rev & 0.5mm/rev
Power Optional:Pneumatic/Electric

EFF1000 Flange Facer

EFF1000 ID Flange Facer

Facing Diameter153-1000mm (6-40 inches)
ID Mounting Diameter:145-910mm (5.7-35.8 inches)
Feed Speed:6 continuous facing feeds
Power Optional:Pneumatic / Servo motor / Hydraulic