EZF Facing Head Tool for Portable Line Boring Machine

Robust, high quality facing head expands portable line boring machine capabilities. Directly attaching the facing head tool to the boring machine and assembly clamps sccurely to any location along the boring bar for quick and easy setup.
Please feel free to contact us for special model or large Facing diameter.
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The facing heads are used to machine the outer surface 90 degrees to the bore. The facing kits are compatible with all the Portable Line Boring Machines.

The standard EZF facing head tool is for 40mm, 50mm, 60mm boring bar. If you need customized size facing head tool, please contact us.

Technical Sheet

Technical Specs (For 40mm boring bar)

Facing Diameter: 50-250mm
Boring Bar Diameter: 40mm
Swing Dia: 264mm

Technical Specs (For 50mm boring bar)

Facing Diameter: 60-250mm
Boring Bar Diameter: 50mm
Swing Dia: 264mm

Technical Specs (For 60mm boring bar)

Facing Diameter: 70-500mm
Boring Bar Diameter: 60mm

Why choose EZF Facing Head Tool for Portable Line Boring Machine

  1.  It will greatly extend your line boring kits versatility.
  2. Customizable, we can offer you the proper machine according to your requirement..
  3. Easy set-up and operation with high level of accuracy and precision.