Portable Line Boring Machine SLB50

Portable Line Boring machine for Line Boring and Overlay Welding operations from Ø35mm to Ø250 mm on-site/ in situte. It is the most economic way to repair holes on heavy construct equipment.



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With Portable Line Boring Welding machine tool SLB50, it is possible to make line boring and overlay welding operations from 35 mm up to 250 mm of diameter, equipped with the standard items. The SLB50 is the most compact, versatile and powerful line boring machine in the field. We are manufacturer from China, buying portable machine tools from us, you can always enjoy discount price. If you need customized configuration, feel free to contact us.

Technical Sheet

Technical Specs

Boring Bar (diameter*length): 50**1600mm, 50*7oomm, 30*1200mm
Boring Diameter Range: 35-250mm
Inner Bore Welding Range: 60-230mm
Max Boring Rotation RPM: 300 RPM
Facing Diameter: 60-260mm

Control Panel

Emergency Switch
Push-button start/stop control
Feeding Direction
Bar Rotation Direction

Rotation Motor

Power:AC Servo Motor, Single Phase 220v-2.3kw

Feed Motor

Power: Single Phase 220v-60w

Packing Dimensions

Case1: 170cm*17cm*17cm
Weight: 57kg
Case1: 75cm*49cm*50cm
Weight: 110kg

Parts List

SLB50-1-12.3KW Servo Motor1 Set
SLB50-1-260W Feedind Motor1 Set
SLB50-1-3Rotation Drive Unit1 Set
SLB50-1-4Mount Plate With Bearing1 Set
SLB50-1-5Mount Bar1 Pack
SLB50-1-6Bearing Mount2 Sets
SLB50-1-7Feeding Assembly1 Set
SLB50-1-850*1600mm Boring Bar1 Set
SLB50-1-950*700mm(300mm+400mm)Boring Bar-Adapts Quick Attach Bar System Convenient for Tight Space1 Set
SLB50-1-1030*1200mm Boring Bar Kits(Sleeve sets Includes)1 Set
SLB50-1-11Tool Heads(for line boring from Ø35mm to Ø250mm)1 Set
SLB50-1-12Centering Cones1 Set
SLB50-1-13Cone Tightener1 Set
SLB50-1-14Tool Holder5 PCS
SLB50-1-15Carbide Inserts1 Pack(10pcs)
SLB50-1-16Welding Bolts & Nuts1 Pack
SLB50-1-1730*1000mm Torch Rod1 Set
SLB50-1-1830*200mm Torch Rod1 Set
SLB50-1-1950*300mm Torch Rod Adapter Tube1 Set
SLB50-1-20Mig Welding Torch & Mig Gun Liner1 Set
SLB50-1-21Torch Swan Neck,Contacts Tips & Nozzles1 Set
SLB50-1-22Electric Control Box & Remote Control Panel1 Set
SLB50-1-2350mm Facing Tool1 Set
portable line boring machine
portable line boring machine

Why choose SLB50 Portable Line Boring Machine

  1. SLB50 Portable Line Boring Machine makes on-site line boring operations much more faster and easier.
  2. SLB50 Provides multiple boring bars (diameters*length): 50mm*1600mm-1pc; 50mm*700mm-1pc (300mm+400mm) Adapts quick attach bar system convenient for tight space usage; 30*1200mm-pc for repaire small holes.
  3. Inner bore welding (overlay welding ) attachment as standard kits. You do not need to buy extra equipments. Moreover, SLB50 Portable Line Boring Overlay Welding Machine Support Europe type, Panasonic type and Miller Mig welder.  
  4. Facing tool comes with SLB50 as standard kit.
  5. SLB50 can meet almost all your needs for on-site boring performance. You don’t need to buy extra kits, SAVING MONEY
  6. Compare to climax BB5000, SLB50 can do inner bore welding operations, however BB5000 can not. SLB50 is more affordable than BB5000. of course SLB50 line boring kits is a new brand not so famous like BB5000. 
  7. The SLB50 Portable Line Boring Welding Machine has win a good reputation in more than 10 countries.