OD Flange Facer EMF300

OD Flange Facer perform facing, beveling, and turning pipe, valve and flange surfaces from Ø0mm to Ø305 mm. An ideal flange facer for on-site application.

Typical Applications

Maching Type

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The EMF300 is designed to perform various machining operations on a circular workpiece, such as a flange. An externally mounted robust flange facing machine using fixed gears to produce continuous groove gramophone finishes to ASME Standard.

it can be powered by pneumatic motor/ servo motor/ metabo motor.

Technical Sheet

Technical Specs

Facing Diameter: 0-305mm ( 2″ – 12″ )
Clamping Diameter: 70-305mm ( 2.76″ – 12″ )
Tool Post Stroke: 40mm (1.57″)
Tool Post Swivel Angle: +/- 45°
Power: Pneumatic, Servo motor, Matebo optional
RPM: 0-45 RPM

Power Specs

Power-Pneumatic: 1.1kw
Air Consumption: 1.42m³/min

Power-Electric: single phase, 220v. 

Packing Dimensions

Case: 640*600*450mm
working Weight: 45kg
Shipping Weight: 90kg

Parts List

OD Flange Facer
EMF300 ACCESSORIES EZLINK Portable Machine Tools

Why choose EMF300 OD Flange Facer

  1. Precision construction
  2. Preloaded cross roller drive, ensuring robust, repeatable machining
  3. Geared continuous groove facing feeds for a gramophone finish (ASME standard)
  4. Quick-set integrated clamping jaws
  5. Swivel tool post