About Us

Through many years of experience in the field of portable machine tools, we know on-site jobs’s difficulty and the custmers’ needs. EZLINK PORTABLE MACHINE TOOLS offer our customers quality CHINESE Made Portable line boring machines, bore welding machines, portable shaft lathes, portable flange facing machine lathes, bushing and track pin press kits, etc. All the portable machine tools equipment sell at a price that a small contractor or repair shop can afford. We see ourselves as a partner to our customers, with whom we work in a spirit of trust and honesty.

Thanks to the hard-working engineers and workers, the speed, precision, versatility and robustness of our equipment meet the growing needs and increasingly complex expectations of the industry.

We respond to the wishes and requirements of our customers – we are always loyal, flexible and innovative! That is why we are able to implement projects that pose a challenge in a short time period.

Why Choose Us

Reliable , Affordable & Flexible Machine Tools

From engineering to shipping, EZ’s commitment to precision, performance and people shines through. Our assembly shop is full of talented machinists with decades of experience in the assembly of precision portable machines and welding equipment. We assemble, test, and quality check each product before it leaves our shop so the portable machine tools you receive deliver the performance you expect. We also know that many small workshop/starter lack of money. EZ adopts  quality material and parts. however we sell it at a low profit price. We believe customers will tell the truth.


After-sales Service
1. Warranty period: 12 months
2. Emergency spare parts required will be dispatched within 24 hours