EBTP100 Excavator Track Pin Press

Portable hydraulic bushing and track pin press is a multifunctional hydraulic press kit. It can greatly save time and labor to remove and install bushings on heavy construction equipment and track pins in crawler tracks.

Shipping Dimension & Weight

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EBTP100 is a tool that has evolved from a need. The need for a tractor to be able to remove, repair & install pins and assemble links in crawler tracks. It can also remove and install truck, excavator,backhoe, bulldozer, loader bushing quickly and easily. Its compact size, ease of operation, and safe design make it a preferred choice in the field. It?s been said that 50% of operating costs of track driven equipment come from the undercarriage. Invest in a tool that will minimize your downtime, and benefit your bottom line.

EBTP100 pin and bushing extraction tool kits provide a lightweight, in-situ, time and labour saving solution for the bushings and track pin repair.

Bushings ands track pins removal can be a dangerous and laborious process, often requiring heat and excessive repeated force. The EBTP portable hydraulic bushing and track pin press is designed for the safe, efficient, and cost effective removal of track pins.

Tấm kỹ thuật

Kích thước đóng gói

Cylinder Thrust: 100T
Stroke: 100mm
Oil Cylinder Diameter: 50mm
Compression Bushing Diameter Range: 60mm-140mm
Max Track Pin Diameter Range: 60mm

Hand Pump

Maximum hand force of manual reversing pump: 50KGS
Working pressure: high pressure: 0-63mpa; low pressure 4Mpa
Working flow: high pressure flow 7ml/time; low pressure flow 50ml/time
Oil tank capacity (L): 5L
Oil: #46 Hydraulic Oil

Electric Pump

Quyền lực: 1.5kw 220v-50hz single phase electric pump/1.5kw 380v-50hz three phases electric pump
Working pressure: 0-63mpa
working flow: 1.2L/min
Tank capacity (L): 16L
Oil: #46 Hydraulic Oil

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Why choose EBTP100 Portable Hydraulic Bushings & Track Pin Press

1. EBTP100 Portable Bushing Track Pin Press is designed to make field operations easier and safer.
2. Double acting hydraulic cylinder for one-stroke removal or installation.
3. Portable for in field repair.
4. Eliminate dangerous removal methods.
5. Two types of power to choose: Electric pump and Hand pump.
6. If you service equipment larger than this press can handle, feel free to contact me.