V3 ID Mounted Pipe Beveling Machine

EZLINK offer large range of pipe cutting and beveling machines. Pipe cutting beveling equipment for weld edge preparation of pipes is outstanding and very competitive.

Tool Bits

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V series is professional desiged ID mounted end prep equipment utilizes an expandable, self-centering mandrel system which mounts in the open end of a tube or pipe. Jaw blocks, corresponding to the size of pipe being worked on are placed on the mandrel. When a draw rod is tightened, jaw block bases are drawn up an inclined ramp, expanding the jaw blocks against the inside bore of the pipe. This provides a solid, torque-accepting grip for accurate machining operations.

V3 Clamping Range(ID): 25-76mm
Working Range(OD):88.9mm
Driven Option:
V3 P Air Operated
V3 E Electric Operated, China Motor
V3 B Electric Operated, BOSCH Motor


DrivenPneumaticElectricBosch Motor
Power Supply900L/Min @0.6Mpa220-240V 1PH 50/60HZ220-240V 1PH 50/60HZ
Motor Power1 HP720W850W
Working Range(OD)25MM ID-89MM OD25MM ID-89MM OD25MM ID-89MM OD
Wall Thickness?15mm?15mm?15mm
Rotation Speed66r/min52r/min48r/min
Working Weight8.5kg9kg9kg
Packing Size540*410*170mm540*410*170mm540*410*170mm
Tool Number333
V3 ID pipe beveling machines

Standard Supply:
Machine, Driven motor,
full set expanding blocks
3 pcs tool bits
(1 Facing tool, 1x30deg. Beveling, 1×37.5deg Beveling)

Why choose V3 Pipe Beveling Machine

  1. Fast installation, the whole operation within 2 minutes.
  2. Screwing up pull-rod nut, it can make expanding block tighten the pipe, self-centering, efficiency and accuracy.
  3. The tight structure is changed more fast and convenient.
  4. New tight structure makes the machine more stable, with good rigidity and bevel quality.
  5. New tight structure with long life, easy to dismount, convenient to clean and maintain.
  6. Easy to install tool bits, it can be install and adjust within few seconds.
  7. Light-weight design is more suitable working for low clearance space.
  8. Three cutters can be arranged three tool bits for complex beveling operation at the same time.
  9. Aluminum body, light weight, convenient to carry it.
  10. Precision rolling bearing and sealed lubrication can extend using life to a maximum degree.
  11. It can process facing, V Type, Y type, U type, inside, seal groove and others complex beveling.
  12. Different driven, electric and air driven can used to all situation, especially electric driven with light weight, low noise and shake.
  13. Enough torque base on gear-driven with precision production, special steel and heat treatment.

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